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"The perfect combination of stand-up comedy and world class juggling skills."

Sam has built a life out of bringing audiences together, having fun with them, and making people smile wherever he goes. He fell in love with performing as a teenager, practiced every day, perfected a highly-technical solo juggling act, toured with circuses and became one of the highest-ranked jugglers in the world all by the age of 23.  Next he turned around and poured his dedication into comedy open-mic nights and stage performances until he was one of Denver's funniest comics.  Always pushing for the next horizon, Sam has carefully woven all his skills and talents together to create a performance style that’s unique, impressive and most of all, deeply engaging. He crafts every performance to be perfectly adapted to the event, able to satisfy a crowd of fifty people as effectively as five thousand.  When Sam performs, you get more than entertainment.  You get a truly human experience full of thoughtfulness, laughter and amazement that will leave you with a new understanding of the word "wow."

-Elizabeth Balazs, VGA Group Omaha





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2205 w. 136th ave.
Ste.106 #102
Denver CO 80023